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iPad - Data Plans and Support FAQs

Purchase & Activation Questions
  1. Where can I buy an iPad?

    You can order it directly from the Apple website, buy it at Apple stores, and at select Apple authorized resellers. Visit for more information.

  2. Where can I purchase my iPad Plan?

    Customers can get a Tablet Starter or Tablet Plus plan for their iPad from any MTS Connect or MTS dealer location. Plans can be renewed, changed, and managed online at My Evolve Account.

  3. Where can I renew my iPad Plan?

    Customers can renew their Tablet Starter or Tablet Plus iPad plan online at My Evolve Account.

  4. What do I need to login to My Evolve Account for the first time?

    To login to My Evolve Account, you will need your 10 digit prepaid number and a temporary password to login to My Evolve Account for the first time. After your first login, you can change the password to whatever you like.

  5. I don't know my 10 digit prepaid number, how do I get it?

    If you do not know your 10 digit prepaid number, you can locate it on your iPad using these steps:

    • On iPad home screen, touch Settings.
    • Touch General.
    • Touch About.
    • "Cellular Data Number" is listed - this is your 10 digit phone number.
  6. How do I get my temporary My Evolve Account password?

    To retrieve your My Evolve password manually, simply follow these steps:

    • Call 1 888 283-1873
    • When prompted, enter your 10 digit prepaid phone number.
    • When prompted to enter your password, enter "1234".
    • Wait for the "Welcome to Evolve Prepaid" and "To manage your account, visit My Evolve Account" messages.
    • When prompted, press 6 to obtain your My Evolve Account temporary password, in order to log in to My Evolve Account online.
    • Make sure to write down your temporary password .
  7. If I want to upgrade or downgrade my iPad Plan, what do I do?

    Customers can upgrade and/or downgrade between the Tablet Starter and Tablet Plus iPad plans online at My Evolve Account.

  8. Where can I get the micro-SIM card for the iPad?

    Customers can get a micro-SIM at any MTS Connect or MTS dealer location. A Micro-SIM card is provided free of charge when activated on an MTS prepaid data plan for iPad. If a customer purchases a SIM card without activating a prepaid iPad plan, the retail price of the SIM is $10. See our store locator for the location nearest you.

  9. Can MTS Customer Care activate my iPad prepaid plan?

    No, we prefer you to activate your iPad plan at an MTS Connect store, to ensure your data is working properly before you leave the store.

Roaming Questions
  1.  Can I use my iPad plan outside of Canada on the wireless network?

    Not at this time. Your plan will include roaming across Canada, but cannot be used outside of Canada. For more information on the coverage area, visit our Canada Coverage Map.

  2. Can I use my iPad plan outside of Manitoba?

    Yes, your plan will include roaming across Canada, but it cannot be used outside of Canada. For more information on the coverage area, visit our Canada Coverage Map.

Plan & Sim Card Questions
  1. Can I put my iPad SIM card in another device?

    No, the iPad plan and SIM are only for use in iPad devices. Your data will be stopped if you put your SIM in another device. To get your data working again, you will need to call us at 204-225-5687 (204-CALLMTS).

  2. Can I send text/picture/video messages with my iPad, make voice calls, or download ringtones or screen savers from Get Stuff to my iPad?

    No, the iPad does not support this functionality.

  3. Can I access the Internet without signing up for an iPad plan?

    Without an iPad plan, you cannot access the internet via our 4G network or MTS WiFi hotspots. If you have a built-in Wi-Fi function on your iPad, you can connect to the internet in Wi-Fi locations to which you have access to (like your home Wi-Fi).

  4. Can I put an iPad plan on another tablet computer?

    No, these plans are limited to iPads only at this time.

  5. I'm not sure if I need 250 MB or 5GB, what would you recommend?

    We recommend the 5GB plan for the iPad. It gives you the most value for your money and you won't have to worry as much about using up all of your data, especially if you plan to stream video to your iPad.

  6. Can I get the iPad plans on your CDMA network?

    No, they are only available on our 4G network.

Customer Service
  1. I have a problem with my iPad, who do I call?

    For customer support for your iPad hardware, software or applications, contact Apple at 1-800-263-3394. For customer support for your iPad plan and 4G network connection issues, contact MTS at 204-225-5687 (204-CALLMTS).

  2. How do I cancel or change my iPad plan?

    Please visit My Evolve Account and log in to manage your account.

Wi-Fi Questions
  1. Can I connect to MTS Wi-Fi hotspots with my iPad?

    MTS is offering unlimited access to over 160 MTS Wi-Fi Hotspots with the purchase of MTS iPad plans. As long as your iPad plan has data left in it, you can connect to MTS Wi-Fi Hotspot with the Wi-Fi function on the iPad.

  2. How do I log in to an MTS Wi-Fi hotspot location?

    • Ensure that the built-in Wi-Fi function on the iPad is set to "ON" and the Cellular Data function is set to "OFF".
    • Once you attempt to view a web page, an MTS Wi-Fi landing page will automatically appear on your Wi-Fi enabled iPad.
    • The landing page will provide login and payment options:
      • Log In ID: your
      • Enter the 8 digit Temporary Password that was provided to you at time of activation.
      • If you have lost your password, please call us at 204-225-5687 (204-CALLMTS).
      • For a list of MTS Wi-Fi hotspots, visit on your iPad.
  3. Do I still get MTS Wi-Fi when I've used up my data plan?

    No, once you have used up your data, access to the 160+ MTS Wi-Fi hotspots will end. To regain access, you will need to purchase another data plan.

  4. I want to use Wi-Fi when I am at home and 3G when I am away from home. How can I do this?

    Your iPad can do this automatically for you. After setting up your Wi-Fi connection on the iPad, the device will automatically connect to your Wi-Fi when you are in range of your Wi-Fi, and it will switch over to 3G when you are not in range.

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