MTS Fibre Optic Network

Introducing MTS’s Fibre Optic Network - the MTS FiON® Network

As part of our $125 million investment in close to 20 Manitoba communities, we are upgrading our traditional copper wiring network to a next generation fibre optic network - the MTS Fibre Optic Network (MTS FiON® Network).

With the MTS FiON® Network, our fibre optic cables are connected to a home's existing wiring. This next generation network supplies a huge amount of bandwidth into the home — providing customers with higher quality, more reliable Home Phone, High Speed Internet and TV* services, now and in the future. The MTS FiON® Network also enables MTS home services to work together seamlessly as additional bandwidth is available to meet our customers' evolving needs.

The launch of the MTS FiON® Network means that communities will be eligible for the next generation of high definition television - MTS Ultimate TV service - as well as our fastest broadband connections available, enabling the development of new High Speed Internet plans exclusive to the MTS FiON® Network.

MTS FiON® Network - FAQs

What is the MTS FiON® Network?

The MTS FiON® Network is a new technology (commonly known as Fibre To The Home) that uses fibre optic cables instead of the traditional copper wiring to deliver Voice, Internet, and TV services to your home. Fibre uses light instead of electricity to carry a signal, providing the house with a direct fibre-optic connection that allows MTS home services to work together seamlessly as additional bandwidth is available to meet customers' evolving needs.

What kind of equipment is used?

Instead of a traditional copper network, MTS runs a system of next generation fibre optic cables throughout a neighbourhood/community. This network is connected to the existing wiring inside a home by a device called an Optical Network Terminal (ONT). The ONT converts the fibre optic signal so that it can be distributed over the home's existing wiring. In most cases, the ONT will be installed in the basement.

What makes the MTS FiON® Network better than other Networks?

Many service providers offer Fibre-to-the-Node technology. We are using Fibre-to-the-Home, which means that we'll be able to provide you with faster speeds and a more direct connection to the technology than Fibre-to-the-Node. And, we'll be better able to keep up with your needs into the future.

Communities currently offering the MTS FiON® Network

  1. Waverley West - Launched January 2010.
  2. Selkirk - Launched June 2010.
  3. Dauphin - Launched November 2011.
  4. Steinbach - Launched November 2011.
  5. Thompson - Launched February 2012.
  6. The Pas - Launched February 2012.
  7. Neepawa - Launched October 2012.
  8. Carberry - Launched November 2012.
  9. Minnedosa - Launched November 2012.
  10. Killarney - Launched December 2012.
  11. Beausejour - Launched October 2013.
  12. Lorette - Launched November 2013.
  13. Stonewall - Launched December 2013.
  14. Niverville - Launched September 2014.
  15. Oakbank - Launched December 2014.
  16. Current plans are to launch the new network in the majority of new housing developments within the City of Winnipeg. The timing of these deployments has not yet been finalized.

Visit MTS FiON® Network Installation - Temporary and Buried Drops for more information regarding the installation.