International Data Passes

International Data Passes

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Travelling overseas? Stay connected and save with International Data Passes.

When travelling outside of Canada, you will be given options to purchase Data Passes on your wireless device when you choose to start a data session. This will give you the flexibility and control to choose how much data you would like to use on any given trip. The options will allow you to manage your spending by selecting the Data Pass that’s right for you, based on the amount of data required or the amount of money you wish to spend. When the Data Pass expires (if all the data has been used, or the expiry date has passed), you will be asked if you wish to buy another one.

International Data Passes

PriceAmount of DataDuration
$30 5 MB 30 days
$80 15 MB 30 days
$130 30 MB 30 days
$255 80 MB 30 days

For use within International Destinations (includes Europe, the Caribbean, Latin America, Asia & Oceana, the Middle East and Africa).

Need another option? Many foreign wireless carriers also offer data options and SIM cards for international travel. Visit Unlock Your MTS Mobile Device for Use with Other Carriers for more info about how to get your phone unlocked for free when travelling outside North America.

Cruise Ship / Satellite Data Pass

PriceAmount of DataDuration
$150 5 MB 30 days