My Trade In

Are you ready to get the latest smartphone? Trade in your current wireless phone and get up to $250 towards a new one. Whether you're already with MTS or another carrier, you can trade in your phone, even if it's damaged.

How it works

Trade in your phone at any MTS  store for an in-store credit towards the purchase of a new MTS phone or accessories. The credit has to be used at the location of the trade-in on the same day; it's not transferable and may not be redeemed for cash.

The value shown below for your phone is an estimate. The actual value will be determined in store by a rep based on the condition of your phone.

The trade-in value you will receive will be determined based on whether your phone is:

  • Working: The device will turn on with no problems, is not PIN/passcode locked, is intact and has a functional screen with all working buttons and ports, is free of water damage, hasn't been previously repaired, has no cracks in the screen or body and no large dents. iOS devices must be factory erased to qualify for working condition.
  • Damaged: Water-damaged devices, does not power on, physical or software-related damage that affects normal operation such as non-functional buttons/ports, cracked screens, etc., PIN/password locked, software locked.

Ready to trade in?

  1. Prepare your current phone for the trade-in.
    1. Remove any memory, media, or SIM cards.
    2. Back up any contacts, apps, pictures, and videos that you want to keep before you trade in. Make sure your battery is charged so we can evaluate your phone.
    3. Remove any passwords to log into your phone.
    4. Protect your privacy – remove any personal information and reset your device to its original factory settings (do this step last as you will lose all contacts, apps, pictures and other downloaded content). MTS will also wipe your phone clear.
    5. Visit if you are trading in an Apple device for steps on what to do before trading in your phone.
  2. Visit your nearest MTS store to trade in your device.

Wireless devices can also be recycled at any MTS store. Visit MTS Wireless Devices Recycling Program for more information.